As a non-profit organisation, further support is needed to help us continue our work. Support is essential to the future of the Oceans and the many valuable resources it provides. SAHFOS seeks to establish strategic partnerships with corporations, trusts, foundations and individuals and foster links to potential donors to create mutually beneficial relationships.

These strategic partners will be at the forefront of scientific research funding. In so doing, they will help to:

  • Establish new scientific tow routes in some of the world's under-sampled areas
  • Facilitate in-depth research
  • Provide instrumentation on the route to allow more comprehensive research

There are many ways to show support towards SAHFOS:

  • Fellowships
  • Research grants
  • Departmental donations
  • Equipment donations

Fundraising brochure

This booklet details the Fundraising Plan, as well as highlights some of SAHFOS’ major case studies and plans for the future.

Please contact SAHFOS fundraising for further information.


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