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We want to share the world-class research emanating from SAHFOS and are happy to handle enquiries from across all media platforms. SAHFOS scientists are also available for media interview requests on recent marine biological findings or areas of our expertise that are in the news.

With scientists from across a wealth of countries, we can attend to enquiries from non-English speaking communities.

This expertise covers a wide range of fields and specialities including: plankton, jellyfish, harmful algae, fisheries, policy and climate change. 

If you are a member of the media and would like to speak to a SAHFOS expert, please contact SAHFOS Publicity or call 01752 426418.

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30 Mar 15:14

Great to see #STEMPlymouth launch today! @SAHFOS happy to help!
29 Mar 14:20

.@amandabamford sounds great! Be sure to let us know what's around!
28 Mar 11:26

Longer days + bright, sunny weather are both important factors in kick-starting the spring bloom for diatoms like…
27 Mar 12:00

@MyDofElife Grand Banks,off Newfoundland – its an arctic/boreal species – despite what it feels like here, not cold enough for T. arcticum!
21 Mar 15:15

UK wildlife calendar reshuffled by climate change

08 Jul 2016 | 65

Climate change is already reshuffling the UK’s wildlife calendar, and it’s likely this will continue into the future

Annual Report 2015 now available

04 Apr 2016 | 80

The 2015 Annual Report is out now. As a showcase of the quantity of research, analysis and projects that have been completed, there are a number of diverse articles inside.

Climate study finds evidence of global shift in the 1980s

24 Nov 2015 | 94

"We demonstrate, based on 72 long time series, that a major change took place in the world centred on 1987 that involved a step change and move to a new regime in a wide range of Earth systems," said Professor Reid.

SAHFOS appoints dynamic new Director

31 Jul 2015 | 151

SAHFOS appoints dynamic new Director SAHFOS, one of the world’s most respected marine science organisations, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Willie Wilson as its new Director from 1st September 2015. The appointment was made after an international search and selection process.

CPR sampling in the NE Pacific: In hot water!

06 Jul 2015 | 34

After several years of being cooler than average, the waters of the NE Pacific have been heating up recently. Whitney (2015) reported spring temperatures deviating 3.5 standard deviations from the long-term mean in the oceanic waters of the NE Pacific, covering the transition zone just south of where the CPR transects run.

A new study published in Nature Climate Change

03 Jun 2015 | 117

When global warming rises above the dangerous threshold of 2°C, between 50 and 70% of the global ocean may experience a change in marine biodiversity.

Plymouth marine science centres scoop £1.4 million in funding awards

12 Nov 2014 | 46

SAHFOS has been awarded £396,095 to equip its fleet of Continuous Plankton Recorders (CPRs) with state-of-the-art environment sensors that will measure water temperature, salinity, chlorophyll fluorescence, pH and pCO2.

Refurbishment of the CPR tow point, on-board the Bretagne.

28 Oct 2014 | 31

Brittany Ferries kindly tow the CPR once a month on the Roscoff to Plymouth route. The CPR on this route is fitted with a water sampler that collects samples for DNA analysis.

2013 Annual Report now released

08 Sep 2014 | 20

Our Annual Report is now available to read.

Ecological status report now online

11 Aug 2014 | 20

Our Ecological status report is now available to view online.

More animal plankton after iron fertilisation?

04 Jun 2014 | 36

In the wake of a controversial iron fertilisation 'experiment' off the coast of Canada, plankton scientists have noted a higher than average abundance of copepods - crustaceans that form an important food source for many marine creatures higher up food chains, including fish.

Challenger Conference for Marine Science

01 Jun 2014 | 14

The Challenger Conference for Marine Science is taking place on Monday, September 08, 2014

AWI-SAHFOS Time Series Summer School on time series observations

01 Jun 2014 | 33

SAHFOS together with AWI is organising a summer school on time series analysis, as a tool to assess the ecological and societal implications of climate change.

New Open Access Repository for SAHFOS Research

01 May 2014 | 13

Research output from SAHFOS scientists is now available in a new open access repository, the Plymouth Marine Science Electronic Archive (PlyMSEA), which is shared by SAHFOS partners - the Marine Biological Association of the UK (MBA) and Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML).

Climate IPCC Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability

02 Apr 2014 | 35

Members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group II published their first update in seven years on the scale of impacts, adaptations and vulnerabilities to climate change.

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