The CPR Survey's marine monitoring programme has been collecting data from the North Atlantic and the North Sea on the ecology and biogeography of plankton since 1931.

The unique marine biological dataset provides a wide range of environmental and climatic indicators and is used by marine scientists and policy makers to address marine environmental management issues such as harmful algal blooms, pollution, climate change and fisheries.

SAHFOS is based in Plymouth, UK, and cooperates with sister CPR surveys around the globe.

"It’s truly our pleasure to be “a part of science”. The world’s oceans are an integral component of the world economy and the global climate. Thank you, the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for monitoring these critical changes. "

Nick Christian, Chief Mate, Horizon Kodiak

SAHFOS is proud to present the Fish Larvae Atlas of the NE Atlantic

SAHFOS has a close working relationship with the Marine Biological Association and is co-located in the historic Citadel Hill Laboratory

SAHFOS is a part of the lab on the hoe